What’s in a name?

‘Wouldn’t it be easier,’ we are often asked, ‘if your name told everyone what you do?’ And the second most popular is ”What is so different about what Fredericks do, when there are a number of different ways to get money on-line these days?’

The nation is undergoing something of a house-building boom at the moment, and I can see from my travels that many brown- and green-field sites are being prepared for development up and down the country. In the initial stages of building the foundations and laying the necessary cables and pipes, the sites look a mess. No-one looks round a building site and admires the foundations. This work is not pretty, is largely hidden, but is essential to the future strength and sustainability of the homes and communities that will be built on them.

This is the very work we do with our Clients to prepare them for their future businesses. It’s hard work, largely unnoticed by the outside world, and involves long meetings, detailed scrutinising, email trails a mile long, too much caffeine and a hoard of experienced and wise volunteer guidance along the way. It’s also expensive in time and money. However, what we aim to give our Clients as sure a foundation as possible to give them the best chance of success. Fredericks will never be a box-ticking operation, and thank goodness for that.

If one was leafing through parables then the obvious illustration is the man who built his house upon sand and the one who built his on rock. For storms and tempests, read ‘risk’; for that is an inevitable feature of starting your own business.

So maybe our name does describe quite well what we do, and also the importance of the work we do to give our Clients the surest possible foundation along with the opportunity that our finance and support provide. We look forward to our own business-building boom in 2015.


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