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Golf Challenge & Gala Dinner

at Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club

Hosted by Fredericks Foundation in partnership with RandDTax.

After a Fantastic Result at last year’s Charity Golf Day & Dinner, we are delighted to announce that booking is now open for this years event on Friday 20th September 2019!

Last year the weather was beautiful and sunny and we had 14 teams enjoying the 18-hole championship course at the Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club followed by a very competitive putting competition! More guests arrived in the evening for a delicious three course dinner and amazing auction.

A massive thank you to all our supporters who came along and donated so generously.

For more information or to book a team please contact Duncan Parker at

 We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event!

Fredericks Online Community FAQ’s

What is the Fredericks Online Community?

The Fredericks online community enables all stakeholders to simply and easily communicate with one another, via forums and bulletin boards; and share information about themselves, their products or services, their ideas and challenges, their solutions, successes and user stories.

What does the Fredericks Online Community Do?

·      Profile pages for you to describe yourself, your company, and advertise your products, services, experience and specialities.

·      Newsfeeds for you to make announcements to the community at large about any relevant topic, including new products and services, trends in your industry, recent regulation changes and events..

·      Blogs All members can post blogs about any relevant topic, or about new products and services, case studies, events and anything of general interest to the community.

·      Forums The forums are central to the community. This is where members of the community can discuss topics of interest with each other. Members can make suggestions concerning what forums they would like. Forums can be open to all or restricted to certain groups within the community.

·      Library The library will grow as the community progresses. All members can submit their own articles, whitepapers and case studies, to Fredericks for possible inclusion in the Library. It is intended that the library will be a valuable resource of business information for our clients, to give them a greater understanding and chances of success.

What are the Benefits for Our Clients?

Our clients tend to be limited to having contact with only two sources of information and advice; Fredericks Foundation itself and their mentor.

The Fredericks Community greatly improves this situation and enables all clients not only to communicate with each other, but also with an extensive network of knowledgeable and experienced business owners who have already faced the challenges that you are facing daily.

What are the Benefits for our Volunteers, Mentors and Partners?

Fredericks Foundation is very fortunate and honoured to have an extensive network of very willing, experienced and generous volunteers and partners. For a few years now, we have been conscious of the fact that many volunteers have been getting frustrated that we are not making greater use of their time, knowledge and experience.

The Fredericks Community is a part of our solution to harness the power of our volunteer network, to help our client base, to give them a greater chance of success. The community enables mentors to have discussions between themselves and to learn from each other’s experiences.

Who Can Join the Fredericks Online Community?

The Fredericks Online Community is avaible to our Clients, Volunteers, Mentors, Partners and Staff. There is no charge to join the Fredericks Community.

Call to Action

From now onwards The Fredericks Community will be one of the main ways that we communicate with our clients, volunteers and partners. Make certain that you gain all the benefits that the community offers you.

To join, email

Fredericks Foundation awarded the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision

7th February 2019 - Fredericks Foundation, has been awarded the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision (ECoGC) in recognition of its good practices.

 The European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit provision provides a set of standards in terms of management, governance, risk management, reporting, and consumer and investor relations. These standards are for the benefit of customers, investors, funders, owners, regulators and partner organisations.

 Following an extensive audit and review process over several months where every aspect of the organisation was tested, Fredericks scored highly and received the award on 4 February 2019.

 Duncan Parker, CEO of Fredericks, said 'We are thrilled to have received this affirmation from the European Microfinance organisation. We strive to provide a great service for our beneficiaries and donors and this will give them much confidence in us as the relationship is one built on trust and integrity. I'm delighted for my team at Fredericks as it's a huge 'well done' recognising both their professionalism and especially their passion, commitment and hard work.'



BBC One - A Matter of Life and Debt

Fredericks Foundation and our clients have again been featured in the new BBC One documentary series A Matter of Life and Debt.

The first part of the new series is currently being aired, with 6 of Freddie’s clients being showcased and various stages of our lending process being highlighted.

Click on the links below to watch our clients in action!

Wendy from Furbabies Grooming

Sue from The Garden Shop

Dee from K’s Wors

To find out more about the new series of A Matter of Life and Debt visit the BBC One website here.


Our Client Manager’s Podcast with Eagle Radio’s Biz Surrey & Hampshire!

Biz caught up with Val Buckingham, a client manager at Fredericks Foundation, whose mission is to provide access to small business loans to people excluded from mainstream credit in order to create choice not charity, and to give individuals the opportunity to transform their lives, and to build a society based on dignity not on handouts.

Listen to the Podcast here