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The Fredericks online community enables all stakeholders to simply and easily communicate with one another, via forums and bulletin boards; and share information about themselves, their products or services, their ideas and challenges, their solutions, successes and user stories.

There is a huge amount of knowledge available within our network of volunteers and mentors, that is now available to our clients and will greatly enhance their chance of success.

We have:

  • Created an online community so that all stakeholders, clients, volunteers, mentors, partners and sponsors can share information and knowledge for the benefit of all.

  • Created an online method for our clients to market their products and services to other community members, past and present, to help them grow their businesses and secure their futures.

  • Enabled our sponsors and partners to better understand the work that we do in this under supported sector.

  • Improved communications between the Foundation and our network of clients and volunteers.

  • Increased the information available to volunteers and mentors, as well as Panel members, about the performance of the charity.

There is no charge to join the Fredericks Community.


The available functionality includes:

Profile pages for you to describe yourself, your company, and advertise your products, services, experience and specialities.

Newsfeeds for you to make announcements to the community at large about any relevant topic, including new products and services, trends in your industry, recent regulation changes and events.

Keep an eye on the newsfeed to see the latest announcements and news from Fredericks Foundation.

Blogs All members can post blogs about any relevant topic, or about new products and services, case studies, events and anything of general interest to the community.

Forums The forums are central to the community. This is where members of the community can discuss topics of interest with each other. Members can make suggestions concerning what forums they would like. Forums can be open to all or restricted to certain groups within the community.

The community will start with:

A general Forum

A Mentor’s Lounge

An Ask the Mentors Forum

An Ask Fredericks Forum

Library The library will grow as the community progresses. All members can submit their own articles, whitepapers and case studies, to Fredericks for possible inclusion in the Library. It is intended that the library will be a valuable resource of business information for our clients, to give them a greater understanding and chances of success.


The Benefits for Our Clients

At present our clients tend to be limited to having contact with only two sources of information and advice; Fredericks Foundation itself and their mentor.

The Fredericks Community will greatly improve this situation and enable all clients not only to communicate with each other, but also with an extensive network of knowledgeable and experienced business owners who have already faced the challenges that you are facing daily.

The community will also enable clients to:

  • Promote their products and services to all community members by using the newsfeed.

  • Keep up to date with all the latest news from Fredericks, all in one location and daily.

  • Use the ‘Ask a Mentor’ Forum, to ask mentors, anywhere in the country, questions so that you benefit from the extensive knowledge base within our network.

  • Use the ‘Ask Fredericks’ Forum to help with communication with the Fredericks Foundation.

  • Use the ‘General Forum’ to have conversations and discussions with all members.

  • Make use of the extensive business information in the library

  • Use the search facility to look for other members in the same location, or industry, or mentors with specialist knowledge.


The Benefits for our Volunteers, Mentors and Partners

Fredericks Foundation is very fortunate and honoured to have an extensive network of very willing, experienced and generous volunteers and partners. For a few years now, we have been conscious of the fact that many volunteers have been getting frustrated that we are not making greater use of their time, knowledge and experience.

The Fredericks Community is a part of our solution to harness the power of our volunteer network, to help our client base, to give them a greater chance of success. The community will also enable mentors to have discussions between themselves and to learn from each other’s experiences.

The main benefits for our volunteers, mentors and partners are:

  • The opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to benefit others.

  • The ability to keep up to date with all the latest news from the Foundation, all in one place and daily.

  • The ‘Ask a Mentor’ Forum, will enable any mentor, anywhere in the country to answer questions from our client base, allowing clients to benefit from the extensive knowledge base within our network.

  • The private ‘Mentor Lounge’ forum will give all participating mentors the facility to communicate with each other to gain from each other’s experiences and to discuss alternative solutions to mentee challenges.

  • The News Feed can be used to communicate any useful information to the community.

  • Your own business Articles can be submitted to the community management team for inclusion in the Library, and your blogs can also be published.

  • The search facility allows all members to search for any product or services offered by our clients and volunteers, as well as specialities offered by our mentors.


Call to Action

From now onwards The Fredericks Community will be one of the main ways that we communicate with our clients, volunteers and partners. Make certain that you gain all the benefits that the community offers you.

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Membership is free and becoming a member will only take a few minutes.