Furbabies Mobile Grooming Case Study


Following a unfulfilling and challenging career in the Automotive Industry, Wendy moved abroad to try a new, more relaxing life. Here Wendy spent time working with animals and assisted with animal rescue, which she enjoyed immensely. However in 2016, after four years abroad, Wendy made the tough decision to return home for financial reasons.

After her experience, Wendy decided that she wanted to continue to work with dogs and decided to start her own business as a Mobile Dog Groomer. Wendy approached her bank but was turned down for a loan due to her time abroad, unemployment and that they saw no means for her to repay the loan.

Wendy was introduced to Fredericks Foundation by a Business Advisor and she applied for a loan for £10,000 to get her business up and running. Fredericks looked at Wendy’s application carefully, held a panel with her and agreed the loan. Wendy said,

“The process was simple and the website was easy to use. I had one meeting with my mentor and then the panel interview. I was nervous about the panel interview as the outcome would have a huge effect on me and my plan to start up a business.”

Wendy received the £10,000 loan and was able to pay off her training fees and purchase and fit out a van ready for her first pampered pooch. Wendy also used the loan to create a website and do some marketing.
Since the 2016, Furbabies Grooming has gone from strength to strength and Wendy now has a regular Client base which keeps her very busy. Wendy has ambitions to also open a grooming parlour, employ staff and hopefully one day enter the world of dog show competing!

We asked Wendy to sum up her experience of Fredericks Foundation, she said

“Fredericks Foundation gave me the financial support I needed to get my training completed, purchase a van and get going. Fredericks has helped me fulfil my ambition to stand on my own and run a business I am 100% wanting to do.  Working with animals is a rewarding experience which will fulfil me spiritually and financially. Fredericks Foundation believed in me!”

For more information, please visit www.furbabiesgrooming.co.uk.

Wendy and Bingo - Furbabies Grooming

Wendy and Bingo - Furbabies Grooming