Support Fredericks Foundation’s work in disadvantaged communities

Earn 5% per annum on your investment for 5 years

Backed by the HMRC and European Investment Fund

The Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) scheme is intended to stimulate private investment in disadvantaged communities by providing a tax incentive to individuals and companies who invest in Fredericks Foundation for on-lending.

The tax relief scheme is available to both individuals and companies (subject to certain conditions) and is worth up to 25% of the value of the investment spread over 5 years, starting in the year the investment is made.


How does the Fredericks Foundation’s CITR Scheme work?

The CITR scheme provides a tax incentive to investors in enterprises within disadvantaged communities. It was introduced by the Government to encourage individuals and companies to invest in accredited organisations - of which Fredericks Foundation is one. In fact, Fredericks Foundation is one of the few accredited organisations eligible to offer this opportunity.

The tax relief is available to individuals and companies and is worth up to 25% of the value of the investment in the organisation. The relief is spread over 5 years, starting with the year in which the investment is made.

Fredericks Foundation will use the money invested in its normal operations - lending to disadvantaged people to set up, or expand, their own business as a means to achieve financial independence. The process at Fredericks Foundation sees our clients rebuilding their confidence and self-esteem and improving their over-all quality of life.

All lending has a risk of not getting repaid, however, the risk to investors is in Fredericks Foundation failing as an entity and not the specific clients and loans. We have a proven track record, as well as mitigating further risk through an arrangement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) whereby they will cover 18% of non-repayment of loans (the ‘Easi Guarantee’).

The Easi Guarantee makes Fredericks Foundation unique amongst other CITR accredited organisations, and provides anyone investing, significant risk mitigation.


Full details can be found at where there is a guidance for investors who may be considering investing under the scheme and a help sheet about claiming the relief.

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Independent Advice

This briefing provides information on the Government’s Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) Scheme applicable to Responsible Finance Institutions. It does not provide detail or advice on the application of tax relief under the scheme, or any other tax or financial advice. Fredericks Foundation recommends that its investors take independent tax and financial advice. A potential investor is responsible for his/her own tax affairs and FF has no responsibility for such matters.