RandDTax step up their “GIVING BACK” programme.  


On Friday 20th September, SBN member RandDTax ( www.randdtax.co.uk ) were the main sponsors of The Fredericks Foundation Golf Challenge and Gala Dinner held at the superb Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club in Surrey.  

The day aimed to raise more than £10,000 for the Fredericks Foundation charity, whose mission is:      

To provide access to small business loans to people excluded from mainstream credit, in order to create choice not charity, and to give individuals the opportunity to transform their lives, and to build a society based on dignity not on handouts.

The Fredericks web site ( www.fredericksfoundation.org ) gives many fantastic examples of how the charity has helped transform the lives of a very large number of people, through more than 1,300 loans providing in excess of £5million in funding.  This is microfinance working at its most effective and although Fredericks is a small charity they have been recognised by awards and were an early charity authorised to take investments under The Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) scheme intended to stimulate private investment in disadvantaged communities by providing a tax incentive to individuals and companies who invest.  Fredericks Foundation use the funds for on-lending.

  • The scheme helps Support Fredericks Foundation’s work in disadvantaged communities.

  • Investors earn 5% per annum on their investment for 5 years and the scheme is backed by the HMRC and European Investment Fund.

  • Available to both individuals and companies (subject to certain conditions) and is worth up to 25% of the value of the investment spread over 5 years, starting in the year the investment is made.

RandDTax have been investors in Fredericks CITR Scheme for three years, and this year has committed to investing £250 for each new client they sign in the year.  If the company continues the trend over the last three years, this could mean an investment of £40,000 to boost the great work of the Fredericks Foundation.  In addition, RandDTax recognise that starting any new business is tough, so in the same period as part of the “Giving Back” Initiative RandDTax now offers FREE R&D consultancy services for start-up companies, with no strings attached, to eliminate the external cost associated with making their first R&D Tax claims.  This is great news for new companies involved in innovation using science or technology.        

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