Ohmyskin Case Study

Danielle - ohmyskin.co.uk

Danielle - ohmyskin.co.uk


Danielle’s story begins with her fruitless search for an effective natural skin exfoliant that contained no harsh ingredients, Danielle said ”I was tired of skin exfoliants containing micro beads, harsh acids and abrasives – I couldn’t find an alternative. I also resented the cost of professional exfoliants and knew that a natural, DIY product was a great solution.”

In 2013 Danielle set out to create her own product range and spent the next few years researching and developing the perfect solution to exfoliation and ‘Ohmyskin Ltd’ was born. In early 2017 Danielle found that she needed some extra funding to allow her to manufacture and then sell her products. Although Danielle offered total security and had a good credit rating the bank still refused her a loan due to the competitive cosmetic industry. However, Danielle remained determined to succeed and approached the Business Development Officer at her local council for advice and here she was informed about the Fredericks Foundation.

Danielle made a successful application for a loan from Fredericks Foundation and used the loan to manufacture her finished product. Danielle also received vital mentoring support from Anca, one of the experienced Fredericks Foundation volunteers. Danielle said “Anca was excellent and has been a really great help to me.” Since then ‘Ohmyskin’ has gone from strength to strength and looking forward Danielle hopes to grow her business at a healthy pace and perhaps take on an employee in 2018.

We asked Danielle to sum up her experience with the Fredericks Foundation,

“Without the help and financial support that the Fredericks Foundation has given me I simply could not have gone into manufacturing and my product would have never seen the market place. The product has already been selected by the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine Beauty Box as ‘one of the best new summer products.”

To view Danielle’s website please visit www.ohmyskin.co.uk