Solace Property Management Case Study


The day Dennis Armitage was introduced to Fredericks he can honestly say his life changed.

Homeless and bankrupt after the breakdown of a relationship, he was at rock bottom.  Fredericks helped to get him started in his property management business completely turning his life around.  Now married with a three year old daughter and living in a smart house in Fleet, the family are off to Disney Florida this summer!

Dennis had helped his father with some decorating and servicing, so in 2009 – whilst living in his car - he was given some help to write a business plan which he took to FredericKs.  The first loan of £3,000 bought tools and a van.  A second loan of £10,000 two years ago (as his credit was still not good enough to access a leasing arrangement) bought him his next van and the business has gone from strength to strength.  He counts Amazon among the many office companies he works for.  Some weekends he can be employing 6-8 people to get the job done on time.

Remembering his first encounter with Fredericks he describes it as a bit like ‘Dragon’s Den’!  But that didn’t put him off.  He will repay his second loan this year and notes, with irony, that such is his success that he now has the added ‘burden’ of becoming VAT registered.

Fredericks was the ingredient that changed his life and Dennis doesn’t forget, kindly doing some property management at HQ when the need arises.

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