TEEG Digital Case Study

Carly, Founder of TEEG Digital

Carly, Founder of TEEG Digital

Carly saw a gap in the market to deliver Digital Marketing Apprenticeships in the Buckinghamshire area and TEEG Digital was created. In the first year Carly worked really hard to get the local college to agree to partner with them as her business was too small to have a direct contract with the Government.

“We have now been delivering Apprenticeships for around 2 years and although we aren’t a big provider, being small allows us to have personal relationships with all our employers and Apprentices and we are able to deliver a fantastic service and high quality training.

We are really passionate about how Apprenticeships change lives for the better and we are proud we have created 17 jobs so far.”

Carly was unable to get a loan from banks and other lenders as she already had quite a large overdraft as her business model had changed resulting in her accounts for the previous year not looking healthy enough, so no-one was prepared to take anymore risk. Until she came to Fredericks Foundation!

Struggling with anxiety and at times not being able to work properly led Carly to start up her own business.

“I still struggle with anxiety but having an organisation like Frederick’s Foundation believe in what we are doing has had a big impact and was exactly the motivation I needed to take the business to the next level.”

It’s not been easy for Carly and she has experienced really hard times where she nearly closed down due to changes in Government funding. But she never gave up, she just changed with the times which is why she went into Apprenticeships and it was the best decision she ever made!

“Nothing stays the same in business these days! It really is onwards and upwards from now where as a while ago it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel it was more like a train!”

The loan Carly received from Fredericks Foundation will help grow her business to the next level by signing up with an exam board to give the Apprentices their qualifications; re-branding the company; website development; social media campaigns, and exam fees for the learners.

Carly is already on her way to success. She now employs a full time Apprentice, uses a team of freelancers and will be employing more staff soon to help with project management and overseeing training for Apprentices, as well as visiting employers and networking to generate business.

“I would highly recommend Frederick’s Foundation to anyone who can’t get support through any mainstream providers. Fredericks Foundation really care about doing what’s right for you and the team are so friendly and approachable. I can’t thank Fredericks Foundation enough for everything you have done for my business and the genuine support and belief I have received.”

For more information, please visit www.teeg.co.uk