What Our Clients Say...

Fredericks Foundation recently sent out a short survey to previous and existing Clients to see how we are doing and how we might improve our services in future. Many thanks to those who took the time to complete the survey, your answers have been very useful to us and we are working hard to make changes where possible.

Please see the results below:


Have you ever recommended anyone to Fredericks Foundation?

Yes: 69%

No: 31%


Please tell us why?

·         Straight forward application process with people who want to support genuine success.

·         Because they were a great help when I needed them.

·         Fredericks is absolutely essential in that it fills a gap in the market for finance for businesses that cannot access funds any              other way.

·         A caring organisation who can help small business.

·         Fredericks helped me to start and develop my business.

·         I think the Frederricks Foundation is brilliant that's why I recommend you to people.

·         I found it an easy and pleasant experience.

·         Helpful start.

·         Amazing.

·         I have told many people about Fredericks Foundation as a life-line when they feel that all hope is lost.

*the above is small selection of answers

In which ways could our service be improved?

·         None that I'm aware.

·         Seems to work very well.

·         I think it’s a well thought out/ personal route to access funds when usual funds are not possible. I think the process is fair                and worked perfectly for myself.

·         Nothing, all our dealings with Fredericks have been great.

·         The funding process did take a little longer than expected, however once through it was straight forward.

·         Regular statements would be nicer.

·         Possibly get a more diverse board who know all the pitfalls in starting up so many different types of business.

·         All seems good to me.

·         Speeding up the process.

·         A lower interest rate would be good.

*the above is small selection of answers

Are you aware that subject to a good payment history, you could be eligible for a top up or roll over loan?

Yes: 52%

No: 48%

What would encourage you or prevent you from applying for a further loan with Fredericks Foundation?

·         I would be encouraged by the support that it offered.

·         Knowing funds were available if needed. Found you more approachable than bank.

·         Nothing would prevent me.  Although I am not aware of how to apply for additional funds.

·         The fact that I was granted one previously.

·         It would encourage me as you have lent to me previously, what would prevent me is the paperwork involved.

·         Nothing would discourage me. I would be encouraged by knowing that difficulties are faced with humanity and time is given            to repay.

·         Same as the above… but I hadn't really thought that I could come back...may check it out.

·         My business going to another level which has been my goal from receiving the loan initially, I’m encouraged in knowing I can            keep moving forward with a financial support.

·         Nothing.

·         Nothing - just awareness!

*the above is small selection of answers

Would you be interested in attending networking events with other Fredericks Foundation clients?

Yes: 61%

No: 39%

 Would you be interested in being part of a Fredericks Foundation online community group for the purpose of promoting your products/services and sharing your knowledge base?

Yes: 76%

No: 24%

 Would you like a link to your business to feature on the Fredericks Foundation website?

Yes: 70%

No: 30%

Do you have any questions or suggestions for Fredericks Foundation?

·        Definitely more face to face meetings with other Freddies recipients so we can network and learn from each other. I think               that would be very helpful.

·         Not at this time, thanks.

·         I would like to know more about the online community group.

·         Not currently.

·         Not at the moment, but thank you.

·         Thank you for your support.

·         Not at the moment, I was pleased to be given the loan and the help with the application.

·         No, thank you.

·         Thank you! You save lives!!

·         Not at the moment but thank you so much for your service.

*the above is small selection of answers

If you have any questions or queries please do contact us.