With the Government’s withdrawal of funding from our sector, corporate help is more important than ever. Progressively more companies are developing Corporate Social Responsibility policies to help the charitable sector. Our 1% club brings together socially-minded companies.

They pledge to donate 1% of their profits to Fredericks Foundation each year. Their philanthropy extends to individual employee support, donations of hardware or software, office space for our clients and running fundraising events.

1% Club

The 1% club is a group of socially minded companies who want to use their success philanthropically to support entrepreneurs less fortunate than themselves.

These companies have pledged to donate 1% of their profits (or more) to Fredericks Foundation. Their philanthropy extends to individual employee support and many have also been able to help us with donations of hardware or software, office space for our clients and support for our fundraising events. We team up to organise ‘inspirational challenges and events’ in support of our ideals.

Frank Investments asset management provides discretionary portfolio management and family office consulting for high net worth individuals.


Fortress is London’s first independent work area recovery centre provider in over a decade provides modern, relevant, work area recovery, business continuity and cyber security services.


HiyaCar are an online peer-to-peer car sharing service which allows drivers to rent cars from private car owners. Car owners can become Sharers by letting other drivers use their cars via our platform. They can set their own prices and earn 70% commission from their sharing revenue.

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Bookkeeping Intelligence provides bookkeeping services across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey to individuals and small/medium businesses.