Make a donation

Donating to Fredericks ensures that we can continue fighting inequality and scale the impact of our social enterprises.

We are run by volunteers so more of your donations can go towards the long-term success of our clients and the impact they make on their communities. Their success means we can reinvest funds in new enterprises, meaning the impact of your donation goes on and on.


If you can’t donate directly, sign up for ‘Give as You Live’, which can turn every pound that you spend online into funds for Fredericks.

Give as You Live

Money isn’t the only thing you can donate. We’re part of the Nectar donate scheme, which allows donors to contribute their nectar points.

Donate with Nectar

Plan an event

Do you have a passion for event planning?

We always need volunteers to organise events to raise money for Fredericks. Some of our most successful events have ranged from golf days, to the 3 Peaks Challenge, to treks across Namibia and the Alps.

We’ll help you along the way, providing materials to promote your event. If you have something in mind, or an idea for an event that you’d like to share with us, please get in touch at 

Take part in a challenge

Do you love a challenge?

We’re always thrilled to have volunteers raise money for Fredericks at charity events.

Fredericks have partnered with Charity Challenge to offer our volunteers fun ways to support the foundation’s work. Sponsored challenges are a fun way to support the work of the foundation – and with Charity Challenge, there is something for everyone.

Challenges range from a walk in the park  to extreme events and can last as short as a day or as long as a week. They are available across the UK, in locations like London, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Cornwall, the Lake District and the South Downs.

Fundraising doesn’t have to cost you a penny or take up much of your time. Online fundraising platforms such as Givey, and Give Penny are quick and easy to use, and sharing your fundraising page with friends has never been easier!

Click here to learn more about each challenge

Share your skills and experience

Over 20 years of supporting enterprises, Fredericks has built an extensive network of experienced business advisors and entrepreneurs. From this network we can call upon a wide range of skills and experience  to offer advice and ongoing mentoring to our clients.

If you are inspired by what we do and have skills, experience and time that you can invest in us and our clients, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to us at

Become a partner

Fredericks Foundation has been tackling systemic inequalities for two decades, but we can’t do it alone.

We want to make long-term partnerships with corporations, individuals and other organisations that are looking to make a tangible and lasting impact.

We offer our partners a credible way to finance and contribute to societal change whilst driving value chain sustainability, strengthening their CSR strategy and building their CSR-ready networks.

We already enjoy the support of organisations such as Blue Source, Ebay, Dans le Noir and Clarinet, and we look forward to working with more partners who share our values.

If you or your company would like to find out more, please get in touch at 

The profits for progress club

Our Profits for Progress Club brings together socially minded companies.

These companies have pledged to donate at least 1% of their profits to Fredericks Foundation. Their philanthropy extends to individual employee support, and many have been able to help us with donations of hardware or software, office space for our clients and support for our fundraising events.

For more information about the Profits for Progress Club, please contact

Leave a legacy

Frederick’s legacy of everyday kindness inspired us to start the foundation. His small acts have gone on to improve the lives of countless individuals.

If you want to have a lasting impact, why not think about leaving a legacy of your own? A donation in your Will to Fredericks will be invested in social enterprises working towards a better world for all.

The income we earn from those investments will then be reinvested and go on to help more people. This can ensure that your generosity lives on far beyond one single donation, extending a helping hand into the future.

How to help

In partnership with Squiggle, Fredericks Foundation is offering a free will writing service.

You won’t be obliged to give a specific donation or purchase any additional services. All you need to do is choose a time slot that works for you and a Squiggle consultant will help you do the rest. Any help – however big or small – is greatly appreciated.

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