Volunteer with Fredericks

Since the Fredericks Foundation started in 2001 volunteers have played an important part in our success. Their professionalism, dedication and energy has helped not only the foundation but more importantly many of our deserving and inexperienced clients to start their own businesses and change their lives and the lives of their families for ever.
At the last time of counting 18% of our clients were under 25 years old, 6% were disabled, 11% were single parents and 31% were in receipt of benefits.  Volunteers can help Fredericks in many different ways:

Mentors: It is our aim to offer each of our clients an experienced volunteer mentor to increase their chances of success. We endeavour to match mentor skills with the individual client needs and location. We are always on the lookout for new mentors with skills such as financial planning, marketing, sales, retail, manufacturing, bookkeeping and strategic planning, to name just a few.

Panel Members: To assist us in the loan approval process we need volunteers to take part in our panel process. Each week we hold a panel to decide which applications we can accept and which we should decline. Panel members are sent all application details and are then invited to the panel meeting the next week. Panel members may be asked to participate once a month or less.

Fundraising: Without adequate funding Fredericks Foundation would be unable to fulfil our commitment to help our clients start their own businesses. Many volunteers offer to organise fund raising events such as charity Walks, runs and cycle rides to raise funds for Fredericks.

Volunteers can also raise funds by:

•    Donating small monthly amounts by standing order, such as £10 a month
•    Join our 1% club and donate 1% of their company profits per annum
•    Lend a lump sum to Fredericks via the government CITR scheme (www.gov.uk/government/publications/community-investment-tax-relief-citr) and earn 5% per annum tax relief. This is a 5 year commitment at the end of which the loan is repaid or rolled over.
•    Sign up for Give as You Live, which at no expense to yourself can turn every £ that you spend on line into funds for Fredericks.
For further information please click on this link. (www.giveasyoulive.com.)

To become a Fredericks volunteer please contact Peter Kelly, Volunteer Coordinator, peter@fredericksfoundation.org