Funding where it matters

Securing the right funding isn’t always easy for social enterprises. That’s where Fredericks Foundation comes in – we offer flexible capital for organisations that have the potential for growth and profound social impact.

Impact over profit

We’re an Impact First Investor. We don’t choose organisations on the profits they earn, but on their financial sustainability and the good they do in the wider world.

Advice and access that makes a difference

Working with us means drawing on a wealth of industry-leading expertise, executive guidance and bespoke mentorship. We’ve been where you are now, and we want to get you where you need to be.

Revenue Share, a new way of funding

Traditional finance can be restrictive and puts up inflexible barriers that leave social enterprises and charities locked out. We use a Revenue Share model to help organisations obtain financial support. As a flexible and patient finance option, we tailor investments to meet client needs and share both risks and rewards – so we only succeed when you do.

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