Enhancing human potential

Animorph is a software development cooperative which creates next generation software with the aim of enhancing human potential. Their work particularly focuses on using Extended Reality technology and has a wide range of applications to date – from medical rehabilitation, to improving the speaking confidence of young people, to building community in Northern Ireland.

How Animorph makes an impact

Going forward, Animorph intend to focus on the development of  medical and wellbeing software as this is where they feel they can deliver most social value. Examples of their work include development apps such as a rehabilitation app for stroke survivors suffering spatial neglect,  a stress relief app, and an app to help people with bipolar disorder recognise and cope with relapses.


Where Fredericks Foundation comes in

Fredericks Foundation invested £28,000 in Animorph in 2023 to help fund working capital and support the growth of the organisation and it’s impact.

We are most grateful to the Fredericks Foundation — their investment enabled us to pursue our dream XR project with a huge potential for helping people experiencing different mental health conditions. The members of Fredericks team supported and inspired us in a variety of ways, expanded our network and helped us make our internal processes more robust. Thanks to this relationship we can decisively continue our mission for enriching human potential with cutting-edge technology!

Szczepan Orlowoski, Co founder and director